Green Bay Life Church is a multicultural and multi-generational church associated with Life Church International. We are located in the heart of Green Bay community in Auckland, New Zealand. Together with our Pastors Jamie and Ezra Paz, we are growing to know God intimately, to follow Jesus willingly and love others intentionally through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


You are loved

We believe that God loves you unconditionally. We believe that you are incredibly valuable to Him. We believe that you are worth the life of Jesus Christ, God's only Son. He filled you with creativity and made you for a purpose.

You Belong

We believe in the Heavenly Family of God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We believe that we were created to be adopted into the Heavenly Family by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, God's only Son. We live to follow Jesus and to be filled with the Holy Spirit so we can experience the infinite possibilities available to us as children of God. You can choose to belong to the family of God.

You Matter

We believe Jesus is actively showing His love to people everywhere. He is inviting us to partner with Him. We believe in being good stewards of our lives because it is a gift from God. We prioritise our resources - time, skills, talents, and energy - on things that are important to God. God loves people and so do we. Come and join us in loving people and our community. Your life matters.



We value building our relationship with God and with each other through regular small gatherings, big celebrations and by simply doing life together. You are welcome to discover and explore how we can grow with you and your family together.

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We value serving and building relationships with the community. There are plenty of opportunities to live out the love of Jesus for everyone and you are welcome to check out how we can help you or how we can serve together.

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